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Baccarat Rules

Casino games are popular around the world and there are many games which have different rules in different countries. Baccarat is a very popular game and people play it with different rules. The most famous rules of the game are however known as American rules baccarat. There was a time when baccarat was only played by the high classes. People from privileged backgrounds were able to play the game. This has all changed and today people from different social backgrounds are able to play and enjoy this game. The game originated in Italy and was famous with the French nobility. It then got transferred to America and today American rules baccarat is very popular.

Even though people from different background are now able to play the game, various casinos have ascribed special places for the game. In American land casinos, baccarat is played behind velvet curtains. Betting limits are usually higher then normal casinos games and all of this indicates its exclusivity. The rules of baccarat however are very simple. Behind all the exclusivity and the velvet curtains the game is not that difficult to play and baccarat rules are simple and easily understandable. The game is played with eight standard card decks.

Ten cards and face cards have a value of zero whereas ace values at 1. The main goal of the game is to get close to the Magic number 9. The value of each card is added up and if the value equals higher than 9, the first eight digit is not taken. The game begins with the players and the dealer placing their bets on the banker, on a specific player or at a tie. The dealer than gives every player 2 cards each. The score is calculated by taking the sum. These are some of the basic rules for baccarat.

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